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The other thing, the biggest thing for me was that during the trial the State's expert witness psychologist [Dr. Salter], she was saying things and stuff up there about, you know, patterns of somebody who does this stuff, stuff like this, and I was listening to that, and looking at me, and it was like a perfect copy of my life that she was saying. I couldn't believe it."


BasicBooks is coming out with a reprint of Dr. Salter’s original book, Predators.  Readers should be advised that, although the cover is different, the book is the same as the original.  Instead of updating Predators, Dr. Salter is working on a new book with updated information.


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Dr. Salter has also published five mystery novels: Shiny Water, Fault LinesWhite Lies, Prison Blues, and Truth Catcher.


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Dick Golberg’s guest is Dr. Anna Salter, a prominent author of books on criminals and sex offenders, as well as a consultant to the Department of Corrections in Wisconsin.