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Slide presentations are used in conjunction with Dr. Salter’s workshops and presentations and are not intended to “stand-alone.”  This content is for professional and educational uses. To view or download PDF versions of slides that correspond to specific conferences, please click on the blue links below. 

BasicBooks is coming out with a reprint of Dr. Salter’s original book, Predators.  Readers should be advised that, although the cover is different, the book is the same as the original.  Instead of updating Predators, Dr. Salter is working on a new book with updated information.


Books by Dr. Salter can be found on Amazon.



Maricopia, Arizona 2.28.2024

2 Interviewing & Deception


Angels of Love, McAllen, Texas, 11.18.19 - 11.19.19



Illinois 3.16.17

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